QUSB2 USB Module
  • QUSB2 USB Module
  • QUSB2 USB Module

QUSB2 USB Module

480Mbps USB module with a Type B connector

The classic QuickUSB® module sold since 2003.  It is a high-performance USB interface delivering up to 38 Megabytes per second throughput over the High-Speed parallel port.  The multi-function parallel port operates in one of several I/O models selectable by firmware load.

The module includes the QuickUSB Library and firmware for works out of the box convenience.


  • High-Speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0
  • Based on the EZ-USB FX2
  • All ports are 3.3V
  • 16-bit multi-function parallel port
  • 2 - EIA UARTs
  • I2C Master
  • SPI Master
  • FPGA configuration interface
  • Up to 2W (5V @ 400mA) power
  • Mates with Hirose FX8-80S-SV
  • 3 mm stack height
  • 3mm snap-in standoffs


QuickUSB User Guide

The definitive reference for QuickUSB

Download (1.66MB)

QUSB2 Datasheet

Datasheet for the QUSB2 QuickUSB module

Download (218.59KB)
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