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Schematic Capture

Schematic Capture is the process of capturing an electronic circuit as a schematic diagram.  A schematic is a kind of electronic blueprint. 

All the electronic components in a circuit are given a symbol that identify every lead on the components and sometimes even their physical orientation.  There are standardized symbols for transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components and to properly read the schematic, you must know those symbols.  Other components like microcontrollers have a function that is so complicated that it cannot be easily described with a symbol, so most of those are usually drawn as a rectangle with pins coming out of it.

We would be happy to take your paper napkin or quadrule paper sketch and capture it as a proper schematic that can be used to lay out your circuit.

PCB Layout

PCB layout is the process of designing the physical embodiment of an electronic circuit using printed circuit board technology. 

Many factors shouldbe taken into account when designing a printed circuit board.  Connector placement and type, signal flow, high-speed signal length, controlled impedance signals, electromagnetic interference (EMI), thermal managment, mechanical form for the enclosure, mount points, vibration, power distribution, separation of power and ground domains for low-noise or mixed-signal circuits, chassis grounding and many others.

Surface finish is also an important consideration for printed circuit boards.  HASL, ENIG and OSP are common.  Other surface finishes such as ENIPIG are less common but can be instrumental for realizing high-performance, low-cost electronics.

We have designed many printed circuit boards and flex circuits.  We can help you determine the best material, surface finish and configuration for your project and then we can make it for you.


Many contemporary projects include some kind of microcontroller that either controls the circuit, interfaces to an external controller or both. 

Not only is it important to write the firmware to meet design requirements, but it is equally important to determine a testing methodology to verify that the firmware actually performs as intended in all operating environments that it may be subjected to.

We can help you determine the best microcontroller for your project as well as designing a verification plan to assure that the system does exactly what it's supposed to and nothing else.

Programmable Logic

Programmable Logic which includes CPLDs and FPGAs are a powerful tool the electronic designer's toolbox. 

They are essentially a user-programmable digital integrated circuit that can perform digital operations as fast at system clock. They are typically used in applications where cost is generally less of an issue and digital computing performance is of paramount concern. 

Applications are generally imaging and networking although FPGAs are in no way limited to only those applications. 

Give us a call and we'll see if your project can benefit from incorporating this fascinating technology.