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QuickUSB Product ID License

QuickUSB Product ID License


Product Code: QUSBPID

In order to have a USB device be uniquely identified, every kind of USB device must have a unique Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) combination. The Vendor IDs are regulated by the USB Implementers Forum (USBIF) and are licensed at $2,000 or more. Once a vendor has been licensed a Vendor ID, vendors are free to regulate their Product IDs under their Vendor ID. The QuickUSB Product ID License is a license to have a unique USB Product ID (PID) assigned to you under the Bitwise Systems Vendor ID (VID). With this license you may use the QuickUSB Customizer to configure QuickUSB hardware to enumerate as uniquely identified hardware that uses a custom driver package tailored around your product.

The QuickUSB Customizer is a production level tool used to configure QuickUSB hardware to be uniquely identified as a device other than the default "QuickUSB Module" made by "Bitwise Systems". The software customizes information about your hardware such as the USB Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID), serial number, and description strings so that when your hardware is connected to a computer it is uniquely identified as a product made and owned by your company. The software can automatically create a driver package for your customized hardware so that the installation of the QuickUSB Driver and QuickUSB DLLs (along with their dependencies) is quick, painless, and tailored around your product. The QuickUSB Customizer may be used on hardware that already contains licensed firmware (QuickUSB Modules, ChipPack EEPROMs, etc.), and is capable of programming blank EEPROMs with firmware using iChipPack licenses. The QuickUSB Customizer also can set the firmware default settings so that production runs of hardware may be fully configured without the need to use any additional software such as the QuickUSB Programmer or QuickUSB Diagnostics Utility.

In order to customize your hardware with the QuickUSB Customizer you will need to have your own unique VID and PID combination. Bitwise Systems licenses unique PIDs under their own VID at a cost less than that of a VID as to help dissuade the added cost of licensing a new VID from the USBIF. Individual QuickUSB Product ID Licenses may be purchased here and are issued in the form of QUC files. If you already have licensed a Vendor ID from the USBIF, then you will need to Email support@quickusb.com to obtain a valid QUC file to enable the enhanced features of the QuickUSB Customizer. Note that each product that must be uniquely identified must have a unique VID/PID combination, but any number of those products may be manufactured without any additional VID/PID licensing.

The QuickUSB Customizer may be used in a reduced feature mode if you do not have or wish not to use a unique VID/PID for your hardware. In this mode you are able to program firmware, set firmware default settings, and set the serial number of the device. In order to change the VID, PID, USB descriptor strings, and generate a custom driver package you will need a valid QUC file that contains the unique VID and PID allotted to you.

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