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QuickUSB Starter Kit - Standard Starter Kit

QuickUSB Starter Kit - Standard Starter Kit

Price: $495.00

Product Code: QUSB2SK

Combines QuickUSB with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA

If you want QuickUSB® integrated with an amazing FPGA, then the QuickUSB Starter Kit is what you need.

The QuickUSB Starter Kit includes one (1) QuickUSB Cyclone II Evaluation Board and one (1) QuickUSB Module. The Cyclone II Evaluation Board has a QuickUSB module site and 0.1" headers that bring all the signals out so you can look at them on a scope or logic analyzer.

Next, there's an Altera EP2C20F256C7 Cyclone II FPGA on board. The FPGA connects to nearly every pin of the QuickUSB module and extra I/O pins go to 0.1" headers so you can wire in your circuitry. Since the FPGA is an Altera Cyclone II, you can use the free Quartus II Web Edition to design your digital circuitry. The QuickUSB Evaluation Board Library, found under the Product Downloads tab, includes numerous Quartus sample projects to demonstrate how to configure the FPGA to interface to QuickUSB using almost any of the available QuickUSB IO Models.

You can configure the FPGA using QuickUSB. And of course, there's a JTAG connector so you can use Quartus' integrated SignalTap II embedded timing analyzer to debug your design or the In-System Memory Content Editor to view or edit data inside the FPGA in real time.

The Starter Kit gets its power from the USB bus, but if you need more power there is a power jact on board (The kit ships with a 5V/2A power supply). In addition, the I/O connectors for the QuickUSB module supply unregulated 5V and the I/O connectors for the FPGA supply regulated 3.3V.

The Altera FPGA gets its clock from either the QuickUSB module (48MHz/30MHz), from a clock oscillator socket that is already on board, and/or from a clock signal connected to the clock pin headers. The Cyclone II FPGA contains four (4) integrated PLLs and you can use them to generate nearly any clock without any external components.

We also offer the Evaluation board by itself for our existing customers who already own a QuickUSB module. Simply select the 'Evaluation Board Only' option when ordering to purchase the Evaluation Board by itself without the QuickUSB module.