QuickUSB is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 module that connects to a PC and makes it easy to create a USB peripheral.  The module features a configurable high-speed parallel port, two serial ports, one SPI master and one I2C master.

We manfactured and sold QuickUSB for many years, but now that's being done by our partners at www.kanda.com
UDIO2 Image
 The UDIO2 (Usb Digital Input Output) is a custom Hi-Speed USB 2.0 device that we designed for a customer's specific needs yet we retained the rights to the design because it's flexible enough to be useful for many different applications.

It's a USB-based ADC converter box that contains an Altera Cyclone II FPGA and two Analog Devices A/D converters with input buffers. Extra FPGA I/O are brought out to the front panel so many digital functions may also be performed inside the FPGA in parallel with the ADC conversions.

We captured the schematic in Altium Designer, wrote the Altera FPGA code in Verilog and used our QuickUSB technology to connect the FPGA to the PC over USB.

We used a commercially available box (no tooling!) and modified the front panel in-house.
The Nano-V is a miniature 1080p HD camera with HD-SDI output and a C-mount. 

It was made for a special project on a compressed timeframe and it completed the mission is was designed to perform.