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QuickUSB Module QuickUSB Adapter Board
Price: $99.00
Price: $79.00
The Easy-to-Use Hi-Speed USB Module. A must for first-time QuickUSB Customers.
QuickUSB Santa Cruz Adapter Board QuickUSB Mating Connector Kit
Price: $129.00
Price: $6.95
Plug QuickUSB into Altera Development Kits with a Santa Cruz port. Includes all the hardware you need to plug your QuickUSB® Plug-In module into your board.
QuickUSB Introductory Bundle QuickUSB Starter Kit
Price: $169.00
Price: $495.00
Everything you need to prototype and add high-speed USB 2.0 to your product. If you plan to use QuickUSB® with an FPGA, then the QuickUSB Starter Kit may be just what you need.
QuickUSB ChipPack EEPROMs QuickUSB iChipPack Licences
Price: $29.50
Price: $29.50
Design QuickUSB into your own board using our firmware chip. Get QuickUSB® over the Internet.
Cypress EZ-USB FX2 CY7C68013A-128AXC QuickUSB Product ID License
Price: $16.88
Once you've decided to design your product using QuickUSB, the next problem is procuring the parts... When you purchase a unique USB PID, your QuickUSB-based product can display your product name.
USB Cable USB Cable - Male to Male
Price: $5.99
Price: $2.59
A Hi-Speed USB 2.0 shielded cable with standard A/B connectors.  These cables mate with the USB connector on the QuickUSB module. A Hi-Speed USB 2.0 shielded cable with A/A connectors.  These cables do not mate with the USB connector on the QuickUSB module.