QuickUSB Module

Since all the USB functionality is in the QuickUSB module, you don't need to learn USB to add a high-speed USB 2.0 interface to your product. Simply connect your product to the QuickUSB target interface ports then call the QuickUSB Library functions to communicate with your product.

QuickUSB Adapter Board

A break-out board for the QuickUSB Plug-In module. Converts the high-density 80-pin connector to two (2) 40-pin 0.1" headers AND two (2) 10-pin 0.1" serial port headers compatible with PC serial ribbon cables.

Starter Kit

If you want QuickUSB integrated with an amazing FPGA, then the QuickUSB Starter Kit is what you need.


If you need the QuickUSB advantage but would rather not use a plug-in module, then you might consider the QuickUSB Chip Pack. With the Chip Pack, you do your own Cypress EZ USB FX2 design (or use ours), then build your board with the QuickUSB chips!